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To find an RSS feed, do the following:

  • Using Firefox, go to the Bookmarks Menu and click "Subscribe to this page". If you're given a number of options, pick the one labelled 'feed', 'home', 'main', etc. Do not pick 'comments.'
  • If the page that loads is formatted like the one below, then you've found a clean feed.
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  • If the page has lots of code on it, then copy the URL and paste it  into a new Firefox window.  If it gets formatted into a feed like in the image above, then you've got a good feed.

If you're registering your feed at NYCPrepared Sites, then take this feed URL and paste it into the "Feed Registration Page".

Note: Wordpress websites place usually their RSS feed at by default. So, if you recognize that a site is Wordpress, that's a quick way to find the feed.


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