FLO stands for free, libre and open source.  FLO solutions are free to use without restrictions and their source code is “open”. This means that FLO solutions can be completely owned and operated by you and your collaborators. You don’t need to sign a licensing agreement to use a FLO solution, there are no terms of service to violate and no time limits that one day expire. FLO solutions are part of the global knowledge commons and a resource all of humanity shares together.

Some people hear “open-source” and they become nervous: they immediately think “non-secure”. When dealing with sensitive data following a disaster, we want to make sure that personal information is handled with care. Let’s clear up this common source of confusion right now! Open-source means that the source-code for the software is open; data managed using the software is as secure as you want it to be. In fact, when dealing with free/libre/open-source software, you have more control over who has access to your data and under what conditions than you do with proprietary solutions.

Remember: FLO means that a technology is free to use, gives you complete liberty over your information and opens up its source code to the public so everyone can see and contribute to it.

To learn more about FLO check out this FAQ.


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